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House Property for Sell in Atlanta,Georgia: Marietta
Address 265 Chesney Glen Marietta,Georgia 30064

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Full Market value Price: $424,000

Real Estate Property Information: Features

1.Tenants in House: No                                                                         26. Payment Current:Yes
2.Total Floors: 3                                                                                     27. Total Land Acres:.5
3.Total Rooms:15 ½                                                                              28. Building Size: 4 Floors
4.Total Bedrooms:5                                                                               29. House Brick: Yes
5.Heating System: Gas                                                                         30. Why Selling: Motivated
6.Total Bathrooms:4 ½                                                                          31. Year Built:1984
7.Fireplaces:Yes/1                                                                                32. Any Code Violations:No
8.Rehab Estimate: None                                                                       33. Basement:Yes
9.House/Building Need Repairs: No                                                     34. Furniture:No
10.Repair Conditions: Excellent                                                            35. Total monthly If rented:$4,000
11.Any Repairs Needed: No                                                                 36. How many Legal Family Units: 5  
12.Total Kitchens:2  
13.Total Meters :N/A                                                                             37. Zoning: Residential
14.Size(Sq. Feet):3400(including Finish Basement)                            38. How did you come about
15.Total Vacant Floors Per Unit:? The asking price: N/A
16.Rent Control Regulated: No                                                             39. One Year Taxes:$4,850
17.Lot Size: Not Available                                                                     40. Management Fees:$900/Yr     
18.Two Car Garage: Yes                                                                       41. Vacancy rates per unit:N/A
19.Driveway: Yes                                                                                  42. Bldg./House Free & Clear    
20.Backyard:Yes                                                                                            of any mortgages:No
21.Property Insurance:Yes                                                                    43. Air rights Available: Yes 
22.Are you the Owner: Yes                                                                   44. Is the house being sold with tenants: Yes
23.Is there a mortgage: Yes
24.1&2 existing mortgage: No
25.1&2 original loan balance:$248,000

Seller Financing: We finance any buyer with resourceto buy this property now.

Anybody who finds a buyer for this Atlanta Building will earn good finders fee.

House for sale. Owner finance available. Rent to Own.

You can call a house a building but you can't call a building a house.

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