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Company buys residential, commercial, land– restaurants, warehouses, storefronts, lots, commercial acreage, non-conforming  properties,  rented  or  vacant,  strip  malls,  shopping centers, gas stations, any area, any price or location. 

1. Land – almost any area, almost any type of property. Single lots, farm land, waterfront lots, acreage, vacant city lots, or entire subdivisions (record ready, record plat or undeveloped or in engineering process), no water, no sewage, non-conforming…no problem. Buy CARIBBEAN islands in the Caribbean.

2. Farms – almost any type of farm in any location or almost any condition, almost any raw land, wet-land, with houses, out buildings, easements, land locked, mountain, streams, etcetera.

3. Waterfront property – almost any type of water; lake, ocean, river or your backyard oasis. 

4. Income producing real estate – apartment houses, multi-unit properties (4 or more units), assisted living homes, boarding houses, packages of single family houses or mixed use income producing properties, almost any type or condition. 

5. Non-Conforming properties – Survey issues, mixed use properties, shared access, specialty non-conforming, hill side, mountain, rocky, forested or clear; will accept existing leases and tenants. 

6. Residential – Houses, vacant or occupied, no equity, almost any condition. “WE BUY”, houses, apartment buildings, vacant land or with delinquent or troubled tenants, will buy with violations, lead paint, asbestos or in need of repairs, damaged, in mortgage or with a tax lien, We Purchase All The Time In “AS IS” condition. Will purchase all or part interest. 

7. Corporation or business properties – Will analyze and evaluate corporation or business real estate. Will purchase or liquidate all or part of the assets or equity. 

8. Estates – Entire estates with chattels or individual interest

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